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Klein- Kraepelin Group LLC

Klein-Kraepelin Group integrates Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, and Psychosomatics. We are a team of dedicated clinicians striving to understand the bio-psycho-social mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and their optimal treatment. Based on existing knowledge in experimental psychology, neuroimaging, neuropsychology, biochemistry, molecular epigenetics, and neuropharmacology, we aim at developing more efficient and personalized pharmaco- and psychotherapies.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide compassionate and personalized mental health care to our diverse clients. We aim to understand our clients' unique needs, develop tailored treatment plans, and offer hope, support, and effective therapies to enhance their well-being.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a future of personalized psychiatry, where every individual receives tailored and empathetic mental health care, promoting holistic well-being and empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

group people having counseling session
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